Welcome to the Coop!

Welcome to Lauderdale County Cooperative!

Everybody is welcome at the coop store!


Farmers in Lauderdale county for the past years have been finding that working together can solve many of the problems of agriculture that no one farmer could solve alone. Joined together in Lauderdale County Cooperative, they have found that these problems included whatever affects the farmer’s ability to build the soil and at the same time make a good living from it; and that by joining forces and using modern business methods, farmers can have a strong voice in overcoming handicaps to their own progress and that of agriculture through out the entire county.

Store Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 7:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Here are a few of the services you will find:
  • Custom application of fertilizer and lime for row crop, pastures, and hay
  • Fertilizer – Bulk and bag
  • Seed – Row crop, pasture, lawn and garden
  • Spreader Rentals – Tag-A-Long, Spreader Buggies, and Pasture Aerators
  • Soil Samples
  • Feed – Bag and bulk (corn and soy hull pellets in bulk)
  • Livestock Equipment – Corral panels, head gates, mineral and bunk feeders, hay rings, creep feeders, and more
  • Fencing – Steel post, Cresote post, wire, insulators, fence charges, wire panels, gates, Quickcrete, etc.
  • Hardware – Nuts, Bolts, Hammers, etc.
  • Animal Health Products – Flea and tick supplies, dewormers, vaccines, fly control, milk replacers, bottles, etc.
  • Horse and Tack – Saddles, bridles, halters, whips, and more
  • Hunting Supplies – Deer Stands, Camo Clothing, Boots, Grunts, Attractants, and more.
  • Deer – Plot seed, feed, and mineral blocks.
  • Fish Supplies – Feed, pond sealants, and live sales by Arkansas Pond Stockers and Fish Wagon.
  • Lawn and Garden Supplies – Full line of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Vegetable plants, bedding plants, shrubs, garden tools, planters, hoses, and much more.
  • Mulch – Bulk and bag
  • Patio Furniture – Tables, Chairs, Umbrellas, Grills, and more.
  • Boots – Wolverine, LaCrosse, and Coleman
  • Tires – ATV, tractors front and rear, truck, trailer, and car