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Lauderdale County Cooperative had its beginnings in 1935, when farmers joined forces to provide a service and take advantage of an educational procedure things no other organization was set up to do for them. Organizing into the Lauderdale County Soil Conservation Association, these farmers began operation of terracing equipment, and handling materials for the new test-demonstration farm work being set up with the help of TVA and the Alabama agricultural extension service. Gaining business experience in the management of these two activities, and convinced that other services could be provided by working together, the membership in 1944 reorganized into the Lauderdale County Cooperative, adopting a constitution and by-laws that would permit expanding into additional services for farmers.

Store Management

Reggie Shook - General Manager

Sean Belew - Florence Store Manager

Larry Murphy - Elgin Store Manager

Board of Directors

Lawrence Smith, Jr, President
A.L. Behel, Vice President
R.L. Behel
John Joe Eckl
E.L. Lawson
C.O. Haddock
Buster Thornton